We specialize in obtaining the evidence you seek through surveillance. Surveillance complements - and in no way is a substitute for - a comprehensive investigation of the target(s) and their circumstances. Surveillance should be directed and purposeful. In order to provide the greatest opportunity for success it should be efficient yet adequate. While surveillance is one of our specialties, it goes without saying that we are highly skilled and experienced in performing all forms of ancillary investigative techniques and tasks. Whether you need to find something out, something or someone, we are the investigators for you or your firm.

Surveillance includes forms of evidence acquisition other than the traditional connotation it conjures up. Surveillance literally means to “watch over”. We “watch over” the targets of our investigations either physically, virtually, digitally, remotely, or analytically. We work hard to properly prepare for a case so that our surveillance activities go undetected by the target.

The technological revolution we are currently undergoing has redefined the art of surveillance. Clients, courts, and adjudicating entities no longer need to rely on the testimony of surveillance investigators as they can now see the evidence for themselves. Investigator’s testimony is usually related to the methods used to obtain the evidence and its “chain of custody”. As more and more court battles are won based on good surveillance techniques, properly written reports and excellent video documentation, the use of surveillance as an investigative tool has increased.