Usually, the services of a professional private investigator are sought after someone’s realization that the task of investigating is beyond their skills, abilities, or time and effort. Many people, businesses, and firms will conduct a prefatory investigation on their own and obtain preliminary information to either confirm or dispel their suspicions or allegations. These initial pieces of the puzzle will form a basis for further investigation. However, further investigation typically requires the services of professionals, who bring with them the experience, knowledge, skill-sets and tools to bring the investigation to a successful resolution.

An investigation needs to be assembled with data piece-by-piece until a clear picture emerges from which informed decisions and judgements can be made. Our clients must determine if they are willing to go down the rabbit hole of truth assembled from the puzzle pieces of data. These pieces are constructed from our undercover operations, surveillance, and other various investigative techniques and tactics. An initial consultation with our lead investigators will establish the objective of the investigation, identify realistic expectations for its resolution, your budget and the costs involved, and a determination of a required retainer. The old familiar axiom “you get what you pay for” applies more so in the private investigator industry. We will provide you with an estimated cost for successful resolution of your case-not an underestimate and then unreasonable subsequent requests for additional funds. We return the unused portion of your retainer per our service contract with you.