We are a private detective agency licensed by the state of Connecticut with a national and worldwide network of investigators ready to assist should the need arise. Geographical location is less significant for private investigators in the 21st century. More and more, we all exist digitally on the World Wide Web. Our developing need to be “connected” all the time to conduct business, socialize with others, and stay informed of the latest news and gossip has created a unique digital footprint for every one of us. We create a trail of data - some of it readily apparent, some of it latent - that when properly interpreted provides never before access and insight into people’s character, behavior and relationships.

We are highly skilled at exposing and exploiting that footprint, something most individuals do not even know exists. Surveillance has a been redefined by technology that knows no physical boundaries. It can be conducted through the use of online proprietary databases, a criminal investigator’s skill set, and extensive digital investigative resources, regardless of a target’s or an investigator’s physical location.

Whether behind the wheel, behind the camera lens, behind the firewall or behind the scenes, our investigators work tenaciously to obtain the information and evidence that our clients require. Geographical boundaries present no obstacle to our skilled investigators and since most individuals are now tethered to the World Wide Web, it is nearly impossible for individuals to avoid our prying eyes.

At Sub Rosa, the reach of our investigative arm is infinite.


In addition to our Middletown location, we have discrete, professional, and private offices in the following Connecticut cities and towns:

East Berlin
West Hartford